• "For all your compliance needs"
  • "For all your compliance needs"
  • "For all your compliance needs"


Meaning 'We Are Together' in Sesotho, Re Mmoho compliance solution offers  Professional compliance assessment, training and advisory services backed up by more than four decades of experience working with many of the best-known global brands, the UN's International Labour Organisation (ILO), the World Bank Group's International Finance Corporation and some 25 garment sector suppliers. .

About Remmoho

It was established in 2016 when an ILO project, Better Work Lesotho that was meant to improve labour compliance and to promote Lesotho as an ethical sourcing destination came to an end. It was evident that there is a continued demand of highly professional and ethical compliance services in Lesotho. ReMmoho brings in the expertise of the ILO/IFC Better Work Programme tailored for the local market.

Remmoho services

1. Baseline assessments/audits to establish compliance needs.

These are based on Local labour laws and ILO International Standards, but can be adapted to company or buyer-specific standards or as needed.

2. Tailored training and advisory services to help tackle non-compliances.

Our training brochure is available on request.