About us

Re Mmoho Compliance Solutions was borne out of Better Work, a flagship programme of the UN’s International Labour Organisation, jointly led by the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation. Through close collaboration with international brands, government, employers and unions, from the boardroom to the factory floor, Better Work improves labour standards and factory competitiveness, demonstrating that ethical sourcing makes business sense.

During its six-year project lifespan, Better Work Lesotho had significant success.

  • Factories enrolled in the programme saw an average of 20 % improvement in Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems.
  • An average of 39% reduction in incidents of verbal harassment was also demonstrated over six years.
  • Better Work helped to bolster the country’s maternity laws. As of late 2013, workers in the factory for one year or more are now entitled to six weeks paid maternity leave, increasing from two weeks.
  • Working with national and international partners, the programme contributed to the elimination of formalised HIV/AIDS discrimination in factories.

Yet, when the project drew to a close in 2016, it was clear that there was more work to be done, and continued demand for professional compliance services in Lesotho.

Re Mmoho brings the expertise of the ILO/IFC Better Work programme tailored for the local market. Our aim is to be the preferred partner for meeting your compliance needs in Lesotho and neighbouring countries.

Our Team

We are always eager to listen to your needs and work with you to find solutions to your compliance challenges. With more than four decades of combined experience in labour inspection, quality assurance, human rights law and training, our dedicated team includes one Senior Business Compliance Advisor and four Business Compliance Advisors supported by an equally dedicated team of Administration and Finance Specialists as well as a number of expert consultants brought on whenever there is need.

Our Clients and Current Partners