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Every employer has the obligation to identify the hazards to health or safety to which employees may be exposed while they are at work. They also have the responsibility to assess the risks to health or safety to which employees may be exposed while they are at work and record the significant hazards identified and risks assessed and to implement controls to ensure that their employees are safe from harm.
We at Remmoho Compliance Solutions will help your enterprise to conduct baseline risk assessment to assist in making your working environment as safe as possible by determining your current status of occupational safety and health risks associated with your operations. With our extensive knowledge on international standards we will also assist developing effective occupational safety and health systems that you can take pride in showcasing that you are socially responsible for your employees and boost your enterprises reputation.
We will also assist companies to link the baseline risk assessment to their continuous risk assessment to ensure that the controls are implemented as a risk management is a continuous effort.

We are living in an ever increasing competitive world, where consumers, governments, and communities alike are concerned about their supply chain management and how the manufacturing of consumer products impacts the lives of workers, their communities and the environment, as well as the safety of the products produced. As retailers and brands work to demonstrate good corporate governance across their supply chains, their suppliers are contemporarily being asked to continuously showcase their competences, capacity and performance in these areas. Being proactive in improving supply chain performance requires evaluation of processes and procedures, measuring the results in order to better react to risk, monitor market signals and facilitate continuous improvement.

We at Remmoho will facilitate workplace assessments to:

  1. Evaluate enterprise workplace conditions by benchmarking against sector,
    country and international standards.
  2. Assist you to demonstrate your performance on real issue – Good Workplaces = Happy People.
  3. Teaches new approaches for assessing, benchmarking and communicating
    workplace performance in order to measure the positive progress made and
    identify areas for continuous improvement.
  4. Measure how you perform against global, country and industry-specific
  5. Promote social dialogue and ownership by engaging workers in the
    improvement process.

In the fast moving highly competitive world it is important for suppliers to self-assess themselves to ensure that they are in line with their stakeholder’s codes of conduct and specifications as well as to local legislation. We at Re Mmoho Compliance Solution will assist enterprises to conduct their own self assessments in preparation for third party audits to ensure that they are still on track in meeting their set objectives and implementing their systems in an effective manner and assist to identify gaps and advise on corrective actions.

It is important for enterprises to have the measures and controls to manage risks associated with their operations. It also helps to showcase commitment to business partners, improve performance through accident management and reduced lost production time with a corresponding reduction in workmen’s compensation premiums and penalties for non-conformances to legislation. For enterprises that want to conform to legislation and to demonstrate to their workers and their business partners that they have policies and procedures in place to mitigate risks Re Mmoho Compliance Solutions is your answer. We assist in compilation of safety, health, environment and quality policies and procedures.

An effective HSE management system requires that you have in place the processes and procedures required to meet the legal requirements of the jurisdiction in which you operate business. The legal regulatory framework constantly evolves and therefore having a “Legal Register” helps to regularly review and update such laws. RE MMOHO Compliance Solution also provides HSE legal register services and would of course be pleased to assist you in your needs. We give you a fully operational HSE Legal Register, which is suitable for your needs.

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